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In modern life few things evoke the spirit of man’s ingenuity quite like the automobile does. From the discovery of the wheel the results of the human’s quest for more has put an indelible mark on the world as we know it. With imagination and original thought the dawn of the Industrial Revolution made possible the mining and milling of the earth’s rich resources. Coupled with our inquisitive nature and unyielding determination, automobiles with all their mechanical marvel were wrought by inventive hands into a form and passion still propelling modern culture today. The automotive age enabled the mass movement of people and material to the farthest reaches of the earth to build cities and create independent cultures capable of self sustenance. The heavy lifting was now being done by machine rather than man and beast and improved the quality of life the world over. While the middle class enjoyed the utilitarian uses of the automobile, the world’s elite class found the ultimate privilege in custom built vehicles with bespoke features to their individual tastes. As time has passed these early evolutions have become highly coveted collectibles and examples of life at a simpler time.

From the first horseless carriages through the custom coach era to the sports and racing cars of the recent past, we at Bayberry Vintage Autos have assembled a collection of cars that equally represents the utility of early life, the elegance and flair of the coach built era and the frivolous fun of the Fifties, Sixties and beyond. Always striving to obtain the best examples built, we continuously seek wonderfully restored and original examples to complete every decade of our ‘Private Reserve.’

This quest has led us to many gems that have been long cherished or locked away by their owners, escaping the ravages of time. While procuring rarities for our collection, select examples become available to offer for sale. Please take a moment and look at our exceptional inventory to see if your dream car is awaiting your discovery. We are pleased to offer specialized brokering services as well, and can assist you in locating that special car of interest as well as finding a new home for your classic as your interests evolve.

The Hampton Car Barn –
Our Place in Transportation History

Bayberry Vintage Autos’ headquarters is located inside the historic Hampton Car Barn. Built at the turn of the century, the brick complex once served as trolley house for the Exeter Street Railway Company. An electrical plant inside the building powered the cars via overhead lines that stretched out over the surrounding towns. The trolleys housed at the car barn ferried passengers around the seacoast and are often seen in historic postcard photos depicting early-1900s Hampton Beach. Though the streetcars and their rails have long since vanished from the landscape, the hull of this cavernous structure still stands as a testament to Hampton’s past.


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