Our Services

From the first horseless carriages through the custom coach era to the sports and racing cars of the recent past, our staff at Bayberry Vintage Autos have the expertise needed to service your automobile. Whether the vehicle is something from the 1910’s or something off the showroom floor, we welcome the opportunity to service your car. 

Bayberry Vintage Autos boasts a full service department capable of all kinds of repair, maintenance, and upgrade work.  Some of the services we offer are, but not limited to:

Engine and transmission overhauls
Transmission and rear end overhauls
Full suspension rebuilding and or upgrading
Brake system overhauls, and upgrades or modification
Steering system overhauls and rebuilding of old and or rare steering components
Carburetor rebuilding and tuning

Maintenance Service
Complete and correct Tune-ups, Oil Changes, Tire Rotation, Check engine lights, etc.

Concierge Level Collection Maintenance
This service includes a spring wake up, working with the collector to schedule periodic health checks, and winterization. We also undertake any necessary repair work. Bayberry Vintage Autos will even safely transport your vehicle to and from our service department in our fully-equipped car hauler.

Full Concourse Level Detailing
Our detailing services, which include paint protection, polishing, and professional cleaning, will leave your classic auto looking as pristine as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Our extensive knowledge of cleaning techniques and chemicals will help you protect your investment.