1993 Bentley Continental


Engine: 6,750 cc turbo V-8 with Bosch K-Motronic fuel injection
Transmission: Four-speed automatic transmission
Wheelbase: 3,061 mm
Power output: 360 bhp

About our 1993 Bentley Continental

Our Bentley is a beautiful elegant Green with rich Tan leather interior making this a very elegant car. This is one of the Bentleys that truly recalls the golden days of high-speed Continental motoring.

History of the 1993 Bentley Continental

The first Bentley since 1963 not to share a body with a Rolls-Royce, the Continental R combined traditional elements with modern innovations to create a car that helped re-establish Bentley as a producer of ultra-exclusive luxury vehicles.

The idea for an entirely new Bentley began in the mid-’80s, when ‘Project 90’ – a full-size, fibreglass mock up – was exhibited at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show. The project was so well received that Bentley hired John Heffernan and Ken Greenley to aid in the design of a standalone two-door coupe to wear the Bentley badge. Codenamed ‘Nepal’, what would become the Continental R had to call back to the decades of Bentley tradition while also propelling the company into the next millennium.

The Continental R was the first Bentley Continental to have an all-steel body, with the shape designed to lower drag co-efficient and enhance performance. Mechanically, Bentley used this opportunity to introduce the latest four-speed automatic transmission and place the gear lever in the centre console for a change. The interior was the height of luxury, using the traditional high-quality wood veneer, in addition to electrically controlled seats and a full-length console, which could be removed for an additional rear seat. The Continental R handled impressively, and the turbocharged engine provided top speeds of 145 mph.