1989 Lincoln Town Car
Engine: 5-liter, overhead valve V8
Transmission:  Four-speed overdrive automatic transmission
Power Output: 150 HP with 270 lb/ft of torque.
About our 1989 Lincoln Town Car

The largest American-constructed vehicle, the Town Car measures nearly 18 entire feet in length, with a V8 engine, rear-wheel drive and an extremely generous exterior and interior.


History of the 1989 Lincoln Town Car

The 1980’s was a period of excess in appearance in nearly every aspect of life. From big hair to big shoulder pads, ‘big’ was certainly a quintessential part of this decade. Automakers continued their age-old trend of trying to outdo each other. The cars built during this decade were often ostentatiously styled and fully loaded luxury cruisers. The Lincoln Town certainly exceeded in all aspects of large and luxurious. The name Town Car was a Ford name that dated back to 1922. In 1981, it became its own standalone model, superseding the Continental as their flagship full-size offering. It was also the largest production car in North America for most of the 1980s. They featured sharp, blade-like fenders, a square profile and an upright grille. The last of these first-generation cars rolled-off the line in 1989.

Production of the 1989 Lincoln Town car reached 123,669 examples.