1986 Ferrari 412


Engine: 4.8 Liter V12
Transmission: Three speed automatic
Power output: 335 HP
Production total: 576

About our 1986 Ferrari 412

It has been said that the Ferrari 412 is perhaps one of the most obscure, least understood Ferraris. While they were never sold officially in the United States, a good amount, along with our 412, found their way stateside.  With its 4.8 liter V12 and available GM sourced 3 speed automatic (a 5 speed manual was on offer), these were an ideal touring car for a large country. The 412 and it’s predecessor, the 400 and 400i, had an unusually long lifespan for a Ferrari – 13 years. Eventually the Ferrari 456 took over the four seat touring car mantle in the Ferrari lineup in 1992.  Our metallic black suits the conservative lines of the 412 quite well and with the creme leather, is a timeless combination.  All in all, a great example of the Ferrari 412.

History of the 1986 Ferrari 412

One of the most beautiful of Ferrari’s Pininfarina-styled grand touring 2+2s, the 412 represents the final evolutionary advancement of Ferrari’s GT class from the 365 of 1972. In fact this model was the last Ferrari produced with the legendary Colombo designed 60-degree V12. With it’s spacious interior and big 4.9 liter V12 Ferrari engine this car was built for high speed touring in comfort.  Lotus chief designer Peter Stevens called the Ferrari’s 2+2 series the ”most beautiful production car of all time.”  The 412 is a rare model with only some 576 cars built during a 4-year run and they were not imported into the United States so they are even rarer in this country.