1963 Alfa Giullia Spider
Engine: 4-cyl. 1570cc/104hp 2bbl
Gearbox: Five-speed manual gearbox
About our 1963 Alfa Giulia Spider

Our 1963 Alfa Giulia Spider is in great shape. Red with black interior with red piping.

History of the 1963 Alfa Giullia Spider

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider would emerge onto the automotive scene in 1962. Serving as an updated variant of the popular Giulietta Spider, new underpinnings and a 1.6L engine with 5-speed transmission would make the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider stand out from the crowd. As was typical for Alfa Romeo at the time, the twin-carburetor high-performance Veloce edition of the Giulia Spider saw limited production of just 1,091 built and, with 112hp, was quite popular. However, approximately 9,250 standard Spider Convertibles would be produced between 1962 and 1965. If youre thinking about buying an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider classic, you can distinguish the Giulia from the Giulietta at a glance by its characteristic hood bulge. When looking under the hood, youll find the 105 chassis number, denoting the 105 Series, stamped on the firewall.