1960 Triumph TR3 A


Engine:  2.1 liter – four-cylinder inline
Gearbox: Four-speed manual
Power output:95-100 HP

About our 1960 Triumph TR3 A

This car was restored using all of its original parts as well as the best available reproduction components from the U.K. It has been faithfully repainted and trimmed in its factory ordered color scheme and is in show condition. It drives exceptionally well and brings you back to the Sixties in a moment, while reminding those who lived through that time just how many British sports cars used to travel American roads. Its simplicity and comfort can be obtained at an entry level price point for the new collector or the weekend enthusiast, making it perhaps the best British car available for the money.

History of the 1960 Triumph TR3 A

The October 1955 London Motor Show unveiled the new Triumph TR3. It had ten more horsepower than the prior TR2 and was the first mass production car to receive disk brakes. In1957 the TR3A was introduced featuring improved design and mechanics, resulting in a top speed of 105 mph. The TR3A was a reliable vehicle; this was proven in 1960 during the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans where three cars were entered and finished, placing ninth, eleventh and fifteenth. These cars were aimed at the youth market with more than 58,000 TR3As sold by the end of 1961. Six hundred were being produced a day but since the TR4 was on its way production ceased by late 1961. With 100 HP the top speed of 109 mph was easily reached. A fun lightweight and sporty driving car, its English heritage is apparent while it is right at home touring with its bigger brothers from British Leyland.