1959 Chevrolet Impala


Engine: 348 c.i.d Special Super Turbo-Thrust V-8
with tri-power carburetion
Transmission: Turboglide Automatic
Wheelbase: 119″
Power output: 333 HP

About our 1959 Chevrolet Impala

After three years of searching for a proper candidate, the prior owner found this unrestored 59 Impala for sale. A perfect restoration was done, refinishing it in the factory color of Frost Blue with a matching blue vinyl interior, plaid cloth inserts and chrome piping. This is an all matching numbers example with the most desirable 348 c.i.d. V-8 featuring the tri-power carburetion option and a full compliment of other factory options. This car has been featured on various magazine covers and has been a multiple award winner including many Gold Spinner Awards in its show career. Brand new, this car was priced at $2,967.


History of the 1959 Chevrolet Impala

In ’59, the Impala broke away from the Bel Air and became it’s own standing model with a radical redesign and an all new look. The horizontal fin was now king in the Chevrolet lineup. They were built in what would become a one-year-only design. Cat-eyed taillights were accentuated with a deep ‘V’ eyebrow molding above and heavy side trim with inserted Impala name plates and crossed racing flags. The front end also got a makeover with a more spaced grille and long drawn-out eyebrow air intakes that no longer leaned over the headlights. Overall, it made for a leaner, more compact look. Chevy stretched the Impala name to a full line, adding a four-door hardtop and four-door sedan.

The lore of the sixties was that the rear of the car would actually lift when approaching 100 mph requiring street racers to add weight in the trunk. Fitted with the most desirable engine combination of all, a big block 348 c.i.d. V-8 engine with tri-power carburetion, the Impala was capable of producing 315 HP. A base V-8 was the carryover 283 at 185 HP. Performance fans could also select from several small block versions of the venerable 283 V-8 or turn to the big-block 348 c.i.d. with the most output from the Special Super Turbo-Thrust V-8 for top shelf performance of 335 HP.

A total of 447,100 Impalas were produced.