1958 Fiat Multipla


Engine: 767 cc Tipo 100 OHV I4
rear engine, rear wheel drive
Brakes:  Hydraulic drum brakes
Transmission: Four-speed manual
Top Speed: 68 mph

About our 1958 Fiat Multipla

Our 1958 Multiplla is a light blue and white with black interior.  This car is currently going through a complete restoration.  Be sure to check back on its progression.

History of the 1958 Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla can appear to be a larger car in pictures than it is in real life. This small multi purpose vehicle is amazingly only 139 inches long and 57 inches wide, which is not much more than an original Mini. And in that small footprint, you had room for six passengers. How did Fiat do it, you ask? By using the rear engine platform from the 500 and positioning the driver and front passenger above the front axle, thus maximizing interior volume. About a quarter million Multiplas rolled off the assembly line from 1956 through 1969, often being employed as commercial vehicles or taxis.