1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Fuel Injected Convertible


Engine: 283 c.i.d. V-8 with 2×4 carburetion
and solid lifter camshaft
Transmission: Three-speed manual
Wheelbase: 115″
Power output: 270 HP

About our 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

Our Bel Air was delivered new with the very desirable 283 V-8 and two four-barrel carburetors, capable of producing 270 HP. It is coupled with a three-speed manual column shift transmission and weighs in at a stout 3,456 lb. With many additional factory options this dual quad convertible is one of the most desirable combinations put together by Chevrolet. Finished in Imperial Ivory with red and silver 2-tone interior this stunning example has been treated to a full restoration befitting such an American icon. This powerful ’57 has quite sporting drive characteristics for the heavily styled and brutish looking car and when put to the test is immediately responsive to a lead footed driver making them the choice for weekend racers for decades on the American roadways.

History of the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Fuel Injected Convertible

Perhaps the most recognizable of all classic cars, the 1957 Chevy is still an America icon and one of the most sought after of all vintage automobiles. With its high tailfins, rocket styled hood ornaments, gold anodized grille and trim elements, the ’57 Chevy stole the hearts of Americans selling 47,562 cars when new. Available with many different options and power plants, one could order a new Chevy built to suit their styling tastes and driving preferences. There were three models from the entry level 150 series to the mid level 210 and finally the Bel Air. Likewise, power was delivered in several ranges.