1942 Packard Darrin 180 –  SOLD

Engine: Super Eight 356 c.i.d.
Gearbox: Three-speed manual transmission with optional overdrive.
Power output: 160 HP
Weight: 4,400 lb.
About our 1942 Packard Darrin 180

One of Bayberry Vintage’s classics, this car has been lovingly cared for and remains today exactly the way it was restored, while living in a climate controlled environment. Like all of the classic cars in our inventory, this car receives constant attention and driving enjoyment. Today these special custom bodied cars are held to the highest regard and are sought after by collectors everywhere who want to add the rarest of the storied Packards of the 40s to their collection.

History of the 1942 Packard Darrin 180

In 1937 Frenchman Dutch Darrin set up shop in Hollywood, California to build a semi custom bodied convertible wearing the Packard name. He took factory built convertible Victorias and added his distinct stylish touches that made them an instant success. With features such as a lowered raked back windshield and low swept door belt line he captured Hollywood and the world alike. With a world at war production ended in 1942 with just fifteen examples built for that model year, one of which was delivered to actor Gene Autrey.

The order of the US government dictated that all American automobile factories would convert to manufacturing facilities geared towards the war effort and a shift occurred bringing Packard to the forefront as a supplier of tank engines and other components eventually assisting the Allied forces to victory in WWII.

This car was owned for many years by boxing manager Freddie Pacheko known for his association with many great fighters including Mohammed Ali. It was eventually sold by Pacheko.