1935 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster


Engine: Supercharged inline eight-cylinder
Gearbox: Three-speed manual with two-speed Columbia rear axle
Power output: 150 HP
Suspension: Elliptical leaf spring suspension


About our 1935 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster

This car was originally a one owner example in the original color of yellow with red interior and matching red spoked wheels. It was carefully restored using all of the original components and power train equipment. It is an all numbers matching example which has won its AACA Senior recognition with First in Class in 1987. To drive this car is an experience never to be forgotten. The instant you step on the peddle you are transported back in time when such style and performance was only held for the man with means.

History of the 1935 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster

When E.L. Cord took control of the Auburn Motor Company in 1925, style of the automobile was his principal concern. With the flashy boattail design of Gordon Buehrig and Cord’s underlying engineering as the staple, the company began to produce an inexpensive and very stylish new car for the enjoyment of weary depression survivors. The top offering was the gentlemen’s 851 SC boattail Speedster. Powered by the more frugal inline eight-cylinder engine, performance was boosted to 150 HP with the optional Schwitzer supercharger. The car moved swiftly along and was aided to its top speed of 106 mph by the Columbia two-speed rear axle. While only146 supercharged Speedsters were produced, they are instantly recognized for their sleek Art Modern beauty and sporty ‘two seat only’ cockpit. What was considered a fairly cheap car in its day has become one of the most coveted and extraordinary automobiles one can attain in their collection.