1934 Duesenberg Le Grande Phaeton

Engine: Standard straight eight 32 valve 419.7 c.i.d.
Gearbox: Four-speed manual
Power output: 265 HP, torque 374 ft. lb
Top speed: 153.5 inches

About our 1934 Duesenberg Le Grande Phaeton

Our Duesenburg is a stately motorcar fitted with the Le Grande Dual Cowl Phaeton coachwork. It is finished in dark blue and beige with two-tone hood and sweep panels and a beige canvas top. The interior is trimmed with beige English leather and dark blue Wilton wool carpet. It has many options including Pilot Ray driving lights, exhaust cutout, dual horns, hard covered side mounted spare tires a luggage trunk and full rain gear side curtains as well as many other features commemorating the high quality coach built automobile that at is. The thunderous roar of the open exhaust let all know when the mighty car was coming to town and began the legendary expression “…it’s a Deusie”

History of the 1934 Duesenberg Le Grande Phaeton

TThe Duesenberg Model was the result of Errett Loban Cord’s vision of creating the greatest American vehicle ever produced. It had all the amenities available, lots of power, and carried the Duesenberg’s prestigious name. It was introduced to the public at the 1928 New York Auto Show. As was the case with many manufacturers at the time, various coachbuilders were tasked with outfitting the vehicle with various designs and creations. Meaning a chassis was usually supplied to the coachbuilder, including all mechanical compoents. The coach-builders would then create a body for the vehicle. The chassis used for the Model J was a simple ladder frame with solid front and rear axles. They were designed to accommodate all the body types to be created, regardless of the size. A revolutionary maintenance system was installed on this Model that automatically provided lubrication to various parts of the chassis after a period of time. Installed on the dashboard were lights that illuminated after various mileages elapsed informing the driver to perform preventive maintenance on the battery and to change the oil.