1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Oxford Tourer


Engine: T-Head overhead valve four-cylinder inline
Displacement: 255 c.i.d.
Gearbox: Three-speed manual
Power output: 28.9 HP

About our 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Oxford Tourer

Our 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost is in outstanding condition, having always been kept in climate controlled storage as well as receiving consistent servicing, including many hours of mentoring by Mr. de Campi personally. The chassis detail as well as the motor compartment and interior have the perfect patina to commensurate with its age since restoration. The car has been regularly used and is in wonderful operational condition. The body (S/N NH390) was made by New Haven, one of the ten sub-contractors to the Springfield, Ma. plant collectively known as the Rolls Royce Custom Coachworks. Of the 1,703 chassis produced at Springfield ninety received Oxford bodies and only about ten are accounted for through the RROC.
The Engine (S/U 21-56) was the 56th engine built in 1921 and had a displacement of 7,428 using a 12-volt electrical system and was further fitted with 23 inch wheels and a four-speed gearbox. The car was completed for sale in 1922 and was then badged as a 1923 for sale to Mr. Hinman.

The Silver Ghost was Rolls Royce’ flagship car and well known as the most durable car of all its counterparts making it their most famous and loved model of all time.

History of the 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

This gorgeous Rolls Royce was delivered in Atlanta, Ga. to Dr. T.P. Hinman on April 25, 1923 with an “Oxford” seven passenger touring body. This is the original coachwork from delivery when new and it is one of approximately seventy-seven built. Its second owner was John Winthrop White of Washington D.C. who purchased the auto on March 21, 1936. By 1947 Mr. White purchased a new car and laid the Oxford up in his barn until 1969. This car was then purchased by the late John de Campi, author of Rolls Royce in America, in 1969. After a three year ownership the car was plied away from him for a handsome profit by restorer Wally Donoghue who wanted to build a suitable touring car for then customer Leonard Poole to attend the Alpine Rally in Europe. After its frame off restoration almost forty years ago it was then taken on tour throughout Europe and participated in the Alpine Rally in 1974 with Mr. Donoghue at the helm as Mr. Poole was not comfortable driving such an early car. The car while in Europe was presented with a ‘Best In Show’ award during the largest ever gathering of the Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club at Englefield with some 800 cars in attendance. Sadly Mr. Poole died a few years after his return from that trip. The car was then purchased from the estate in 1975 by Mr. Bernie Berman of Allentown, Pa. who kept it in a climate controlled facility, maintained it regularly and used it sparingly. The car was sold next in 1999 to Bayberry Vintage Autos where it has resided since