1903 Cadillac Model A
Engine: one-cylinder
Displacement: 1.6 litre1609 cc
(98.187 cu in)
Bore and Stroke: 5”x5”
Gearbox: 2 forward and
1 reverse manual gearbox
Power output: 8 HP dry sump
Top speed: 21 mph
Wheelbase: 72”
About our 1903 Cadillac Model A

This meticulously restored Cadillac is one of few remaining with many optional features as mentioned prior but stands apart with its stunning Rear Entrance Baby Tonneau rear passenger compartment. It is complete with side storage baskets and an elegant Surrey top and will always be welcome on the prestigious and exclusive London to Brighton Rally.

History of the 1903 Cadillac Model A

Cadillac had made their mark in carriage building prior to the advent of power driven coaches. In 1903, after perfecting their single cylinder engine, Cadillac left the horses in the stable and created an 8 HP one-cylinder engine that effectively changed luxury transportation forever. The Model ‘A’ was born with optional body configurations, from a two-seater runabout to the rear entrance tonneau suitable for carrying four people. Although not a fast mode of transportation, it was steady and dependable without the requirement of watering, feeding, shoeing and resting the team horses. With options like kerosene coach-lamps, a powerful acetylene headlight, and roll down rain gear, a new way to travel was available to American elite.